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Cognitive Functions Shape How Our Brains Work

The brain is behind everything we do in our day-to-day life.

For each task we complete - whether it be socializing with friends, leading a project at work, or walking to the store - we use a range of cognitive functions - the brain processes that are necessary for everything that we do.

Each cognitive function has a specific job and depending on the activity we are engaged in, different cognitive functions work together to perform the task.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young,
TEDx, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain

Enhancing Cognitive Functions to Change the Learning Profile

No matter where a person’s cognitive functions are operating on the continuum, they can be enhanced and strengthened to improve one’s learning and performance in daily life.

Rather than accommodating or working around a learning issue - Arrowsmith applies the principles of neuroplasticity to strengthen and enhance each learner's fundamental cognitive capacities which underlie all aspects of learning.

Arrowsmith fundamentally changes the learner’s capacity to learn, as the research shows. 

As a researcher at the University of British Columbia concludes: 

“There seems to be a story here about cognitive efficiency which includes working memory and attention and learning, the capacity to learn new things. These are really important cognitive skills for success at school and life in general.”  

Dr. Rachel Weber
University of British Columbia, Canada

happy family
happy family

To enhance learning to gain a competitive edge at school or professionally, or to fundamentally address a learning disability or difficulty - Arrowsmith’s customizable range of cognitive programs can provide the solution.

At Arrowsmith we firmly believe our brain is our most important asset and that cognitive enhancement through the application of the principles of neuroplasticity is a right that should be accessible to all.  

Strengthening Cognitive Functions for Enhanced Performance

Our brain drives our behaviour and shapes how we operate in the world. But did you know that we can shape our brain through the application of neuroplasticity? 

Arrowsmith designs individualized programs that strengthen cognitive functions in the brain to improve performance in all areas of a person’s life and at any age.

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Learn More About Cognitive Functions With Our Guide

Our cognitive capacity is critical to everything that we do, but that doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. It’s now understood that our cognitive functions - and, as a result, our brain - can be strengthened for enhanced performance and improved mental well-being.

In this Guide to Understanding Cognitive Functions you’ll learn what cognitive functions actually are, and how they can be strengthened through cognitive exercises (and the power of neuroplasticity.)

What the Experts Say

As a licensed psychologist, I believe it is the responsibility of professionals in the field to seek out and evaluate treatment programs and to disseminate to the concerned community information on critical resources which are offering effective help. The ongoing success of Arrowsmith School’s program is not only in correcting the deficits and bringing the capacity to the average range from an impaired level, but also frequently in raising the capacity to well above average levels; this is just one compelling reason for making this facility known to professionals and families.

Dr. Arlene Cohen
Psychologist, USA