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Join Our Network of Program Administrators and Help Change Lives

Our team is pleased to work with organizations to understand their needs and goals, and to create an Arrowsmith Program that is accessible and enriching.

Teacher and student

Arrowsmith Innovative Ecosystem: Neuroplasticity, Technology, Community.

Participants Engage in a Neuroplastic Program Proven to Change Their Brains and Learning Capacity

Brainex Platform

Suitable for individuals aged six to 90+, and across a wide range of starting ability - participants are active in their own experience and have a dynamic view of their cognitive progress and goals. 

They become increasingly capable of complex intellectual processes and feel empowered to pursue even higher levels of functioning. They observe their own gains whether that be changes in their academic, professional or personal lives, or how they come to see themselves, the world or their ability to shape it. 

A stronger cognitive capacity can serve them throughout their lifetime and in all aspects of learning and performance.

Training and Professional Development

Organizations licensed in Arrowsmith are part of a network of professionals and administrators who are changing the world, one brain at a time.

The organization's own staff are certified and supported to bring cognitive training to the forefront of human learning and performance.


Organizations who license Arrowsmith are committed to a world where our capacity to learn is defined only by our choice to improve it.

Around the world members of the Arrowsmith community are involved in research, development and a revolution in education.

Teacher in a classroom

You and Your Staff Become Experts in the Science
of a Brain Changing Approach

Teacher and student

As Certified Facilitators or Administrators, you understand your student’s unique cognitive profile, how to analyze data and how to coach them towards powerful gains. You will view and respond to your students’ every effort. 

Whether you serve students with learning issues or the general student population, young adults or professionals looking to thrive, seniors wanting to maintain health and vitality – your Arrowsmith programs reflect the community you serve. 

You will also join a movement of brain change experts across the globe – educators, healthcare providers and professionals all dedicated to cognitive transformation, and the commitment that brain health is a right for all, that a stronger cognitive profile leads to a better quality of life. Whether you offer an independent program with regular check-ins, or a comprehensive full day program – Arrowsmith adapts to suit your own organization’s mission and goals.

Arrowsmith Provides the Methodology, Technology and Support That Profoundly Transforms Your Students and Your Organization

Arrowsmith has an infrastructure to support any community to reach meaningful, measurable results. 

Arrowsmith provides evidence-based programs, research updates, ongoing professional development, access to program refinements, technology and best practice – and access to a network of global brain change experts who together are changing the landscape of education, performance, and humanity – one brain at a time.

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Be a Part of a Global Movement of Brain-Change Innovators

Licensee Frequently Asked Questions

Who can Offer Arrowsmith?

Schools, learning centres, educational organizations, clinics, private practices, and agencies can offer neuroplastic solutions to their own communities. There are a range of ways Arrowsmith can be integrated:

  • school-wide implementation for all students to develop essential cognitive capacities and accelerate their learning
  • schools providing cognitive intervention to fundamentally overcome students’ learning difficulties 
  • clinics offering in-person and virtual or independent sessions to clients enhancing cognitive capacity and access to other therapies 
  • learning centres offering after-school, weekend and summer classes
  • community centres with online and in-person programming for seniors, students at-risk, job-seekers, the general public
Who Benefits from Arrowsmith?

Arrowsmith has improved the lives of those from 6 to 90+ and has been proven to suit a wide range of participants including:

  • learners developing essential learning and life skills 
  • adults seeking personal or professional gains
  • adults and seniors improving their quality of life and building cognitive reserve 
  • students with diagnoses such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorder, expressive language, executive functioning, and attentional issues
  • individuals seen to be underachieving, failing to thrive, even ‘unmotivated’
  • young people transitioning to adulthood
  • students transitioning from high school to college or university 

We all have a brain. We can all benefit from enhancing it. 

What are the Outcomes?

For decades, studies have examined the impact of Arrowsmith. 

To date, results have demonstrated that Arrowsmith participation leads to improvements in domains such as:  

  • brain activation and connectivity 
  • cognitive functioning 
  • academic achievement 
  • rate of learning in the acquisition of academic skills 
  • social-emotional well-being 
  • activities of daily living 
  • growth mindset (seeing oneself as an agent of change in one’s life)
What are the Steps to Implementation?

While every organization’s experience may be different, introducing Arrowsmith to an organization or business can involve: 

  • consultation with the Arrowsmith team to develop cognitive solutions ideal for the unique goals and profile of an organization
  • complementary presentations, webinars and meetings with key stakeholders including potential participants, families, board of directors, donors and decision makers 
  • customized licence agreement between organization and Arrowsmith 
  • certification courses for organization’s leadership and facilitator staff
  • training, cognitive assessments and programming   
  • dedicated Arrowsmith expert to support implementation 
  • ongoing consultation, monitoring and community building provided throughout
In-Person or Online?

Arrowsmith is available as an online, in-person or hybrid experience. Arrowsmith facilitators, students, and families have reported the virtual Arrowsmith experience is more successful than traditional academic online settings. Participants stay on track and on target because they are faced with achievable and motivating tasks. Their Arrowsmith facilitators are virtually present to offer them meaningful feedback. Data analysis shows identical participant progress between in-person and virtual participants.  

Ultimately, an organization determines whether one or both formats of Arrowsmith is best suited for their community. Arrowsmith provides training specific to either format, as well as ongoing consultation to ensure the latest in technology and best practice.

View Arrowsmith implementation models