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Join the Arrowsmith Movement. Help Us Make a Difference

Volunteer advocates play a positive and important role in raising awareness of the Arrowsmith Program. 

Parents, teachers and other professionals can effectively communicate the outcomes of the program and the impact it has on changing lives. Did you know that you can help us spread the message that Arrowsmith changes brains ​to transform lives.

Arrowsmith is grateful for the volunteer advocates who join us in this quest.

Smiling teacher with students

Steps to Raise Awareness

Learn more about the Arrowsmith Program

Our advocates communicate with various organizations and professionals about the Arrowsmith Program as an opportunity to enhance the brains of their students and clients.

Build Relationships

  • Identify and engage interested members in the community including: 
    • Parents
    • Potential participants
    • Professionals
  • Share on your social media channels

Engage Professionals

  • Organize information sessions in your area with a program representative
  • Speak with local school principals, learning centres, counselors, psychologists, and allied health professionals about the program
  • Share the link to Barbara Arrowsmith-Young’s TEDx Talk


Encourage the professionals to read:

Important Resources for Arrowsmith Advocates

New Hope_ 60 Minutes 8-41 screenshot
Norman Doidge – The Brain That Changes Itself 0-48 screenshot

Norman Doidge – The Brain That Changes Itself

Advocacy and Neuroplasticity 0-18 screenshot

Arrowsmith Advocacy

Want to Become an Arrowsmith Advocate?

Arrowsmith Program has representatives available to communicate with organizations and professionals interested in learning more.

If you would like to contact an Arrowsmith representative, please fill out the form.

Contact an Arrowsmith Representative