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Our Vision

Changing Brains to Transform Lives

We envision a world in which anyone can take full advantage of their cognitive capabilities.

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Teacher and students

The Power of Neuroplasticity Opens a World of Possibilities

Lifelong learning starts with a strong cognitive profile. That is what we focus on and why everything we do is aimed at strengthening cognitive capabilities. 

The Arrowsmith team, along with our community of licensed providers, are dedicated to advancing the broad adoption of cognitive programs through collaboration, continuous innovation, and integrity.

We know that by changing their brain, an individual can not only change their own lives, but the lives of others. Through an increased capacity to reason, an individual can change the world.

What the Experts Say

The fact that Arrowsmith trains the brain processors that make possible reasoning and rationality, is arguably one of the most important positive developments one could imagine for our world, with its complex problems.

Norman Doidge
Norman Doidge
Author, The Brain That Changes Itself.

We Have a Bold Vision, and We Always Work in Service of Others

Arrowsmith’s ecosystem is set up to drive brain change, thought leadership, and research.

There are three essential pillars of the Arrowsmith brand.

Arrowsmith Ecosystem

Arrowsmith Program

The Arrowsmith Program consists of a series of neuroplastic cognitive exercises, innovative technology and a service platform - all designed to enhance cognition, learning, and social-emotional well-being.

Arrowsmith Exchange

Arrowsmith Exchange brings together thought-leaders in the field of cognitive enhancement, neuroplasticity and neuroeducation in order to inform and educate interested audiences about the benefits of targeted cognitive exercises.

Arrowsmith Research

Arrowsmith Research engages in and performs research in the field of cognitive enhancement and investigates outcomes related to neural connectivity, cognition, learning and social-emotional well-being in order to increase our understanding of the benefits of cognitive programs.

Teacher and student

Advocates Play an Important Role in Arrowsmith Awareness

Volunteer advocates play an important role in raising awareness of the Arrowsmith Program. Are you a parent, teacher or professional looking to communicate how the Arrowsmith Program can change lives? Find out how you can join us in this quest.