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Enhance Your Client’s Cognitive Profiles

Allied health professionals can offer assessment and cognitive training to enhance their clients’ cognitive profiles.

Allied health professional at work

Arrowsmith has Been Used by Health Professionals in
Their Practice for Their Clients Seeking:

  • executive function skills

  • life coaching

  • interpersonal skills

  • life skills including time management and goal setting

  • speech and communication enhancement

  • depression, anxiety, addiction support and recovery

  • support with academic or professional goals

  • solutions for learning difficulties

  • healthy aging and quality of life

  • enhanced cognitive abilities

All of these goals have one thing in common — they start with the brain. 

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Online and In-Person Programs to Suit Your Client’s Needs

Available virtually, in-person or as a hybrid model, Arrowsmith can suit your practice, community, and client needs. You can create client groups to manage several clients at the same time, ensuring a scalable and sustainable model of service.

In addition, Arrowsmith also has a unique range of implementation models - from our Enhancement Program, Customized Programming, Cognitive Intensive and Whole Cohort - so that you can implement a program that best suits the needs of your community.

Why Cognitive Programming and Arrowsmith?

Health professional and client

Research by Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl, University of British Columbia, demonstrated individuals over the course of 10 months in Arrowsmith reported a greater sense of happiness and well-being, a more open mindset, and an increased sense of focus and control.

They saw themselves as agents of change in their lives, reported an increase in their social and leadership skills, a greater ability to focus and attend, a reduction in anxiety and depression and there was a positive trend in the reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol.

Spending just a little time each week on focused cognitive training pays dividends for health, wellness and human performance.

Here are just a few reasons why cognitive programming has benefits in diverse aspects of our everyday lives, and for those in vulnerable situations. 

  1. Enhanced learning
  2. Boost in confidence
  3. Enhanced comprehension
  4. Improved problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  5. Enhanced memory 
  6. Increased reasoning
  7. Accelerated processing speed

Brain Health

Neuroplasticity is a remarkable feature of the brain. Neurons are built to be able to rapidly adapt to the demands placed on them. By strengthening neural networks and speeding up important processing, Arrowsmith measurably enhances brain activity. 

Research on Arrowsmith has demonstrated that after just four hours a week over 10 months of targeted training, brain connectivity is boosted and increased cognitive capacities and learning abilities are the result.  

Neuroscience research shows neuroplasticity at the centre of cognitive health. Brain health is essential for capable and independent functioning across one’s life span and may even stave off the effects of cognitive aging.

Brain graphic
Children in a classroom

School and Work Performance

These days it’s not enough to just meet expectations – true achievement requires resilience and leadership within complex and changing academic and professional fields. Critical to school, the workplace, and life – are core cognitive capacities including memory, attention, reasoning, critical thinking, and social-emotional intelligence.  

Arrowsmith is a revolution within education and human performance. Students, professionals, even athletes can train their brain to operate more efficiently, and transfer this to real life. Studies have shown Arrowsmith leads to accelerated academic learning and acquisition of life skills including organization, problem solving, independence, goal setting and execution. 

Participants also report changes in their performance – promotion to advanced and gifted academic programs, new career options, more responsible roles, even first-time successes in the entrepreneurial space – all because of a stronger brain and therefore new or renewed enthusiasm for learning.

Mental Well-Being

A healthy brain is not merely a capable brain – it's a happier brain. Cognitive training can alleviate symptoms and conditions of anxiety and depression. It strengthens connections critical for developing a strong self-concept and esteem. 

As well as being used by clinics to improve the wellbeing of their clients, more recently, organizations are using Arrowsmith as a tool to transform the experience of those healing from addiction and at-risk populations. 

Many mental health issues stem from deficits in high level cognitive processes such as executive functions, working memory, attention, reasoning, insight, and comprehension. By strengthening these high-level functions, the brain is able to respond more constructively to stress related influences. A sharper brain is a more resilient brain.

Health professional and client

Cognitive Programming Will Benefit Your Clients

Effective cognitive training that enhances core capacities including:

  • critical thinking, judgement, and reasoning
  • expressive language and communication
  • reflection, insight, and memory
  • processing speed and cognitive efficiency

Measurable gains in:

  • cognitive and academic performance
  • independent and self-directed learning
  • emotional and social well-being
  • independence in activities and daily living
  • accelerated gains in other therapies and treatment programs due to stronger cognitive capacities
  • intrinsic sense of agency over their own lives

Before Arrowsmith, I would sometimes miss the therapist’s point or get distracted. My therapist, who was familiar with the work of Arrowsmith, told me if there was a cognitive element to my emotional issues, that unless I addressed that I could do endless therapy and not really benefit. And she was correct. After Arrowsmith, it's like a year and a half of psychotherapy suddenly all started to make sense. When I am talking to my therapist, we can talk about how to move forward because the understanding piece is now there. My experience with Arrowsmith has been life-changing. I have this incredible feeling of confidence.

Adult Participant, Canada

I tried therapy multiple times and felt I never progressed. It was another opportunity to feel like a failure. Therapists often accused me of resistance. I wasn’t resisting, I just didn’t get it. After working on the Symbol Relations program, it was like all those fractured pieces of my psyche started to heal. I had insight into why things happened in my life and I could benefit from therapy.

Adult Participant, Canada

I feel more in control of my world. I’m happy, and have a greater sense of well-being.


Adult Participant, USA
Health professional

Cognitive Programming Will Benefit Your Business

Training in and access to neuroplastic methodology including technology that dynamically analyzes data – enabling professionals to focus on personalized care with a diverse client base including individuals:

  • aged six to 90+
  • with a wide range of interests and issues
  • based in remote areas or with demanding schedules

Scalable and customizable models of implementation that meet the needs of one’s practice, including remote service, group training and scheduled sessions as few as 2 hours per month per participant

One of the most wonderful things about Arrowsmith is that it creates the capacity to talk about events, not simply react to flashbacks. Patients can recognize that they are not in the past and they can build links to the future.

Dr. Shelia Furey
Psychiatrist, Arrowsmith Provider, USA

Enhance Your Client’s Ability to Benefit from Therapeutic Treatment

Professionals and therapists report cognitive training profoundly enhances clients’ ability to benefit from therapeutic treatment.

Their cognitive gains support insight into themselves, their behaviours, and others enabling them to achieve their therapeutic goals. Their cognitive enhancement becomes an essential part of a healthy life.

Join Arrowsmith in Helping People to Change Their Brains, and Transform Their Lives