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Tutoring focuses on what your child is learning. Arrowsmith changes how they learn.

At Arrowsmith, we are often asked: What is the difference between what tutoring can provide my child and how my child can benefit from the Arrowsmith Program’s neuroplastic approach? Here is our answer and it is important to note both are of benefit and can work collaboratively to support students.

Tutoring can help younger students acquire basic academic skills, providing strategies to learn to read, spell and memorize math facts. Older students often turn to tutoring to prepare for exams, relying on a tutor to provide strategies and techniques to structure their studying. For many students, tutoring is required year after year as academic subjects and content change and academic demands increase. 

Arrowsmith works on the principle of strengthening the brain so that learning becomes easier and more efficient. It changes a student’s fundamental capacity to learn across academic subjects. 

At Arrowsmith, students strengthen and enhance critical cognitive functions that are the building blocks of learning. Stronger cognitive ability means a transformed learning experience and a greater capacity to benefit from all learning, including tutoring. Change the cognitive capacity of the learner and learning goes forward more efficiently and with more joy. 

Given tutoring accommodations and modifications are not available in the workplace or in adult life, the benefit of a changed brain is it transforms one’s future reality. 




Arrowsmith - Cognitive Enhancement

Acquisition of academic skills and learning strategies.

Strengthens a range of cognitive capacities that are the building blocks in the learning process.

Subject or Skill Specific, for example, focuses on learning academic skills and subject matter such as English, mathematics, science, reading, spelling, and writing.

Builds an enhanced capacity to learn which transfers across academic subjects and skill acquisition.


  • reasoning
  • working memory
  • processing speed
  • attention
  • comprehension
  • critical thinking
  • mathematical reasoning

Focus is on the current curriculum.

Focus is on lifelong change.




Arrowsmith - Cognitive Enhancement


  • use of technology to support the learning. For example, voice recognition software to aid the writing process or text to speech to support reading

Content/Skill Based

  • modify and scaffold the content into simpler and more accessible units
  • reinforce the learning
  • match the method of teaching to the learning profile of the student

Strategy Based

  • teach strategies to be applied to the learning process (meta-cognition)

Capacity Based

  • uses individual targeted cognitive programs to positively change the brain of the learner
  • changes the cognitive abilities that underly learning
  • changes the capacity to learn
  • changes academic performance
  • changes the ability to be independent in learning and life
  • changes social-emotional well-being


  • required when the curriculum or grade changes


  • life-long change after completion of the program




Arrowsmith - Cognitive Enhancement

Each student has their own unique learning
profile of strengths and weaknesses.

The content, method of teaching, and tools used are modified to best suit the learning profile and needs of the student.

Each student has their own unique learning profile of strengths and weaknesses.

The learning capacities of each student can be strengthened and enhanced. The curriculum does not need to be modified as the strengthened and enhanced learning capacities allow the student to learn the curriculum as taught.

Uses the student’s strengths to work around and compensate for any areas of challenge.

Areas of challenge are transformed so the student does not need to use their strengths to support areas of challenge. The strengths are freed to operate more fully.

The learner’s basic cognitive abilities remain fixed.

The learner’s basic cognitive abilities can be enhanced.


Student Testimonial - Amy

“I used to answer questions with questions…I learned that I am not really making those connections, not understanding where they are coming from and what they are trying to convey with them. Now I can make those connections and understand what is being asked to me. “ - Amy


Our brain is our most important asset. It underlies all learning. Strengthen Your Brain. Be Your Best.

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Shelley Woon
Post by Shelley Woon
April 14, 2022
Shelley, a passionate educator, brings a solution focused and collaborative perspective to each situation which is informed by her 30+ years of engaging with students, families and community partners. She values the brain-learning connection and is eager to assist others in developing an understanding of a neuroplastic approach in unlocking potential, particularly for those struggling with learning difficulties. She is thrilled to be an integral part of the dynamic and innovative Arrowsmith community. She holds a Master of Education in Leadership, and Supervisory Officer and Principal qualifications, along with Specialists in Special Education and Reading.