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Strengthening Brains and Learning Outcomes Through Carefully Designed Programs

Organizations integrate cognitive programming into their community in measurable and meaningful ways.

Teacher with students in classroom

The Arrowsmith Program Can Impact a Wide Range of Populations Such As: 

  • Prepare young people with fundamental capacities essential in 21st Century learning  
  • Provide inclusive and equitable cognitive programming that accelerates learning 
  • Enable young adults and professionals to enhance their performance  
  • Offer seniors brain training as a part of healthy aging 
  • Provide improved social and emotional well-being through cognitive programming 
  • Eliminate student struggles related to learning disabilities or difficulties
  • Complement and strengthen academic and therapeutic approaches 

Unique Implementation Models to Suit Your Needs

Depending on the goals, needs and population served within an organizational community, different models are available for licensing.


Self selected and flexible options for all types of participants


Whole Cohort

Innovative schools offer brain training to all students


Customized Programs

Individualized assessment and programs to address learning disabilities



Providing a powerful understanding of one’s unique cognitive profile 


Cognitive Intensive

Accelerated transformation in just 6-10 weeks

The Arrowsmith Enhancement Program


We all have a brain and can all benefit from strengthening it. Arrowsmith’s Enhancement Program is an adaptable solution for a wide range of settings including educational, healthcare, self-improvement and coaching, mental health and rehabilitation, and corporate environments.

Highlights include:

  • Self-selected cognitive training
  • Ideal for children, adults and seniors to enhance core capacities responsible for processing speed, memory, executive function, reasoning and so on
  • Four hours per week of cognitive training supported in real time with a trained Arrowsmith facilitator
  • Best suited for organizations and businesses who see clients and students on a weekly basis

Enhancement Program Testimonial

If I analogize my mind to a computer, doing Arrowsmith was comparable to upgrading the software to make my mental processing run more efficiently, with fewer technical hiccups. I am able to work faster, and with greater confidence. I make better choices in how I approach my work because Arrowsmith is one of the best investments that I have ever made in myself.

Adult Student, Canada

Customized Programming for Learning Difficulties


For individuals with learning difficulties, the full suite of the Arrowsmith Program is recommended. Participants have an initial Arrowsmith assessment which determines their unique cognitive profile. A customized program of exercises is then designed to be completed over the course of the year. 

A full-time program is the most comprehensive application of the Arrowsmith Program and enables students to fundamentally address their learning issues. Part-time programming is recommended for individuals with busy schedules, students with more mild learning challenges, or as a transition from an initial full-time program.

Full-Time Programs 
  • customized cognitive programming  
  • individualized learning profile and program based on cognitive assessment  
  • ideal for addressing learning difficulties and eliminating struggles  
  • involves 4 or more cognitive exercises (½ day/5 days a week) 
  • best suited for schools and learning centres 
Part-Time Programs 
  • customized cognitive programming  
  • individualized learning profile and program based on cognitive assessment  
  • involves 1 (4 hours), 2 (8 hours) to 3 (12 hours) cognitive exercises a week  
  • ideal for addressing learning difficulties and improving academic and job performance 
  • best suited for schools, learning centres, clinics, community agencies, businesses

Customized Programming Testimonial

The psychometric assessments conducted post Arrowsmith Program, show notable increases in Verbal Comprehension, Perceptual Reasoning and especially in Working Memory and Processing Speed as compared to pre Arrowsmith Program. My students and their parents, regularly see and value the constant positive changes in their child’s social and emotional development.

Maria Commisso
Educator, Australia

Cognitive Intensive Program


Powerful cognitive transformation at an accelerated rate. The Arrowsmith Cognitive Intensive program gives participants an intensive experience to achieve faster processing speed, stronger working memory, reasoning, and judgement.

Organizations can leverage summer or holiday programming or throughout the year.

  • Featuring the Symbol Relations exercise
  • 90-135 hours (depending on age) of cognitive training across 6 to 8 weeks 
  • Ideal for summer programming and immersive environments

Cognitive Intensive Testimonial

Since Max has finished the Cognitive Intensive Program (CIP) we have noticed multiple positive changes in him. The greatest of these have been regarding his communication skills…Overall, we have seen some terrific changes for our son. He is more confident and his improved comprehension of the world around him has opened up doors that he never even saw before.

Parents of Max
CIP Participant, Canada

Whole Cohort Program

Schools who prioritize inclusive opportunities and enhancing student success, offer daily cognitive programming to all students. A Whole Cohort approach means students of all abilities engage in daily brain exercises.

  • Whole class cognitive training
  • 30-40 minutes daily 
  • Minimum of 20 participants
  • Designed for elementary and high schools

Whole Cohort Testimonial

Arrowsmith has proven to be a vital and integral program at our school. One of our core values is that every student matters and having the Arrowsmith program available is one way of fulfilling that core value.

Marianne Vangoor
School Principal, Canada

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment

Understanding the WHY behind performance, behaviour, and even struggles, can be answered through an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment. This model enables an organization to offer cognitive assessments to individuals of all ages and abilities.

It involves a comprehensive assessment including: 

  • 1:1 administration of assessment protocol measuring discrete cognitive functions
  • individualized learning profile summarizing cognitive strengths and weaknesses 
  • a customized program of recommended cognitive exercises 

The Assessment Model can be licensed as a stand-alone option for organizations to offer their clients.

Assessment Testimonial

It is like an operator’s manual for the brain, each one unique.

Parent, Canada