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Our Brain is Remarkable, Complicated and Changeable

"Advances in neuroscience and technology can increasingly impact intellectual well-being, education, business, and social norms."

World Economic Forum

Our complex world has opportunities and problems that require ingenuity, collaboration and compassion. How can we - as individuals, organizations, and systems – be our best selves?  

Arrowsmith helps you achieve just that by leveraging the power of neuroplasticity and cognitive enhancement to strengthen your brain.

Teacher with adult students
Teacher with in-person student

Each of Us Has a Unique Brain

Neuroscience has shown us our brain is responsible for our every thought and action. Its condition determines our ability to accomplish any goal, big or small.   

Like an orchestra made up of multiple instruments playing together to create music, our brains are made up of many cognitive functions, each responsible for a specific role or job within learning and performance.   

Each of these functions operates along a continuum of capacity. If a function is weak, tasks involving that function are challenging; if the function is further along the continuum, a task will be easier to learn – even enjoyable.

Our Cognitive Profile Determines How We Learn and Perform

The speed or ease with which we learn and perform depends on our unique cognitive profile – the combination of our various strengths and weaknesses across different cognitive functions. 

Each of our cognitive functions is operating somewhere along this continuum:

Cognitive Function graphic

What’s more - from wherever we are operating on this continuum – we can enhance these functions and pursue cognitive excellence. 

Our Changeable Brains

Science has shown the brain to be neuroplastic across our lifetime.  

What’s more: We can target and strengthen specific parts of our brains. Like machines at the gym designed to strengthen different parts of our bodies. 

Arrowsmith's cognitive exercises are designed to strengthen different cognitive functions. We can enhance:   

  • underlying functions for literacy and numeracy 
  • processing speed 
  • memory 
  • capacities to communicate, problem solve, reason, self-organize 
  • emotional strength, resilience and intelligence   

When we enhance our cognitive capacity, life and learning becomes easier, and ultimately transformative.

Fun fact: The brain is better than a muscle – once a cognitive function has been enhanced through targeted exercise, it maintains its gains! Participants have reported back decades after their cognitive training – there's no drop off in their functioning. Cognitive gains are enduring because they are used constantly in everyday intellectual activities thus continuing to be stimulated. 

Brain Fitness For a Lifetime

A strong brain can be built. Lifelong neuroplasticity means brains can be enhanced at any age.


FINAL - Brain Fitness For A Lifetime Graph


Stronger Brains = Brighter World 

Harnessing the power of neuroplasticity across our lifespan
offers a promising future for our brains, and ourselves.  Imagine a world where: 

  • experience greater enjoyment and ease of learning 
  • have new and wider career and professional options 
  • are more compassionate and make better decisions 
  • develop stronger interpersonal relationships  

“Work became fun… from drafting the affidavit to reviewing the transcript, then the brief.. I was able to handle it all with ease, with clarity, and without feedback – I was able to see and fix problems on my own. In my mind, that’s the goal...”  

 Shannon, Lawyer, Arrowsmith participant, Canada

  • accelerate student learning in schools 
  • enhance employee performance, productivity, and satisfaction in the workplace  
  • augment services in education, healthcare, rehabilitation, and corporate HR 

“Arrowsmith has proven to be a vital and integral program at our school. One of our core values is that every student matters and having the Arrowsmith Program available is one way of fulfilling that core value.” 

Gillian, Elementary School Principal, Canada

  • improve mental health  
  • expand and deepen quality of life 
  • increase compassion and empathy 
  • eradicate stigma and suffering of learning disabilities and their impact on society  
  • redefine human potential

“The fact that Arrowsmith trains the brain processors that make possible reasoning and rationality, is arguably one of the most important positive developments one could imagine for our world, with its complex problems.”  

Norman Doidge, Author, The Brain That Changes Itself