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Powerful Cognitive Programs Designed for School Communities

Educators know that all learning begins with the brain. With decades of research and development behind it, Arrowsmith provides schools with a solution to ready their students’ brains for a lifetime of learning.


The most exciting thing about Arrowsmith is the joy in seeing the change in the students. I have watched with growing excitement as I observe the changes in our students' abilities and in their optimism for the future. I feel privileged to be part of the unlocking of the potential of the young people. 

Their dedication to working to create the change at a neural level and building their own better futures: that's the very best of Arrowsmith. Real effort for real change.

Chris Fairbairn
Educator, Australia

Cognitive Programs Positively Impact Learning Outcomes:



Reading, Writing and Mathematics

These core academic skills are the bedrock of school curriculum, and often determine students’ performance and enjoyment of school.

For success, each of these skills requires networks of cognitive functions to work in concert - networks including decoding, visual memory, comprehension, auditory memory, motor and word memory, numeric sense and others.

Targeting these functions within daily cognitive programs means accelerating the acquisition of core academic skills. A study showed students can gain up to three years in these areas as their cognitive profiles are improved.


In order to learn, students need to focus, sometimes for long periods of time. At Arrowsmith attention refers to the brain processes responsible for focusing on some aspects of our environment and excluding others.

Students can strengthen their capacity to focus on key aspects of their learning tasks and of their environment, excluding extraneous material or distractions around them.

Working Memory and Cognitive Processing

Memory can often appear inconsistent in even the brightest students.

Arrowsmith understands memory as a function of several different cognitive functions – discrete functions such as those which encode language, process concepts, remember details, and even hold onto a number of facts and figures.

Improving different aspects of memory means not only can students hold onto information more reliably, but more importantly - can understand it more deeply, and apply it to new and different learning contexts.

Executive Control

Being able to plan ahead, to create a sequence of mental steps or actions to solve a problem, and to retain relevant and changing information for periods of time is crucial to learning and mental performance.

Brain imaging studies have shown that the neural networks involved in executive control critical for problem solving have been strengthened through Arrowsmith participation.

Social-Emotional Intelligence

How students act and react, being collaborative, being able to understand the perspective of others critical for empathy, interpreting non-verbal situations – all essential for emotional intelligence - are the bedrock of success in school and in life.

Arrowsmith improves students’ independence, and emotional and mental health: students, teachers and parents report that Arrowsmith has led to measurable gains in resilience, autonomy, and confidence.

Learning Resource

Many students experience issues such as dyscalculia, dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, expressive language and attentional issues – all which impact learning and historically have been understood to be lifelong. In fact, the brain can change – and with it, the elimination of these struggles.

Arrowsmith customizes part- and full-time programs that offer an end to the struggle related to learning disabilities and difficulties. 


Arrowsmith Program Will Benefit Your Students

  • Students opt into daily, weekly or intensive cognitive programs to experience transformative improvements in intellectual processes that are fundamental to 21st Century learning skills.
  • Students develop an intrinsic sense of achievement, and agency over their own learning – through a methodology designed to provide meaningful, positive and relevant feedback at every step of their engagement.
  • All students can engage in cognitive exercises and experience enhanced learning throughout their school life and beyond (see whole cohort design). 
  • Students with difficulties can receive essential intervention and leave their challenges behind (see part- and full-time programs).

This program has had so many profound effects on my education and daily life. The Arrowsmith Program has allowed me to become excited about my future and has given me the confidence to pursue my passions and interests without worrying about learning limitations or boundaries.

Student, New Zealand

Arrowsmith Program Will Benefit Your Teachers

  • Teachers gain a neuroeducational perspective to their practice, providing greater insight into learning processes which serves their commitment towards student learning. 
  • Teachers undergo a robust certification that includes the science, technology, and communication behind effective cognitive programming.
  • Teachers use Brainex technology that tracks every moment of student participation – including alerting issues, opportunities and action plans. 
  • Teachers can focus on students - not on manual marking, lesson or resource creation, or report writing – Arrowsmith’s technology automates and customizes the program and reports of the student’s unique cognitive profile and progress.

With this program, I now see daily the vibrant growth in every student. Every child is capable of handling curriculum when the brain is given the correct retraining, allowing meaning, ideas and concepts to break through.

Claude LeFrancois
Educator, USA

Arrowsmith Program Will Benefit Your School

  • Schools become neuroeducational leaders and stand apart from other schools by offering evidence-based, and research-informed cognitive programs. They are equipped to communicate this approach to their community and wider network with Arrowsmith’s communication tools and professional support. 
  • Schools offer inclusive and equitable cognitive programming to their student body – all students will be prepared to face the demanding and unpredictable future with a strong brain.
  • Schools are part of a global network of organizations which recognize the brain in the education equation, share best practice and learn from each other. Schools also contribute to ongoing research and development through their participation in Arrowsmith research. 
  • Schools play an essential role in combating the struggle of learning related difficulties and disabilities – by redefining them. Arrowsmith is transformative for at least one in 10 students with learning disorders; many have been de-identified as they no longer have learning disabilities after their Arrowsmith participation. 
  • Studies show students perform better on standardized tests of cognition and academic achievement through Arrowsmith participation. Schools implementing Arrowsmith report gains across academic domains and observe students are more independent, resilient, goal-oriented and prepared for post-secondary life due to their increased learning capacities.

The Arrowsmith Program has filled a void in our educational program by reaching out, giving students hope, and providing an opportunity to taste success.

Carol Midkiff
Principal, USA

Join us in the Growing Movement to Transform the Lives of Students Through Neuroscience