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Driving Cognitive Change Through Innovative Delivery Methods

Arrowsmith is flexible and comprehensive. Explore the range of options that meet the unique needs and goals of participants and the wider organization.  

School children working on computers
Arrowsmith in-person student

Online or In-Person

Arrowsmith has been proven effective in both virtual and in-person settings. Participants can log into their sessions from their home or in the classroom; facilitators can ‘see’ participation and progress within every setting and can offer feedback and motivation at every step.

Independent Check-In

For organizations and businesses who see older students, adults with busy schedules, or seniors looking for independence, this is an excellent delivery option. Participants work at their own pace and own schedule, while facilitators monitor their progress remotely. Regular facilitated sessions ensure participants stay on track, and facilitators can provide feedback on cognitive gains 

  • features the Symbol Relations exercise
  • 4 hours of independent training per week + a scheduled session twice a month with a certified Arrowsmith facilitator 
  • suitable for a wide range of organization types and populations
Arrowsmith online student


Before doing this program, my mind was a mess.  It had no sense of organization. I couldn’t process what I read, follow a conversation, focus on or complete anything. My confidence was very low and I felt helpless. Now I can follow and process and understand completely the conversations that are happening around me. 

My anxiety has tremendously decreased as my confidence has risen since being on this journey.  I am able to learn anything new pretty quickly now and I can take notes for the first time in my life in an organized compartmentalized way.  I can also confidently organize and plan my days, weeks and months with ease, which has always been an issue for me. I am forever grateful for this program.

Adult Student, Canada