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To lead us through a complex world of opportunities and challenges – we need a strong brain. 

To become leaders and changemakers, to be positive, productive members of society our brains must be efficient, sharp, and empathetic. All is within our reach – through Arrowsmith. 

Arrowsmith has transformed the brains and lives of children and adults since 1978. Its pioneering application of neuroplasticity offers a promising and life changing alternative to the belief that ability is determined at birth.


Evidence-Based Results

Research has shown participation in Arrowsmith leads to increases in:


Brain activation and neural connectivity leading to more efficient mental processing


Cognitive abilities critical for learning


Academic achievement


Social, emotional well-being


The Arrowsmith Ecosystem

Arrowsmith is an ecosystem of neuroplastic cognitive exercises, cutting edge technology, and a dedicated community of cognitive experts. Through this, participants - at any age - can build upon their brain’s capacity to think critically, collaborate empathetically, and communicate effectively. 

We do not have to rely on external resources, extra time or tools, on parents, peers, or spouses to manage. We do not have to avoid challenges or defer to our inherited strengths. Arrowsmith offers a much more promising future for our brains, and ourselves.

Your brain is not formed when you're born. You have to build your brain.

Dr. Jean Berko Gleason
Psycholinguist and Professor Emeritus, Psychological and Brain Science, Boston University

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Whether through our flagship school and learning centre, or in partnership with organizations around the world – Arrowsmith offers a new way of understanding – and transforming ourselves, others and human potential. 

Contact us to learn more about Arrowsmith’s capacity to improve learning and performance – either directly through our services or by implementing them in your own organization or community.

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