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In the field of education, the quest for improving student and school outcomes is constant. 

Perhaps the most promising discovery is using science to inform educational practices – namely - leveraging neuroplasticity to strengthen the brain. The equation is simple: change the brain, change the learning potential. This is what we call brain-based learning. 

“Truly, an approach that can revolutionize education.”

In the first blog of this series, Rethinking Education #1: Neuroplastic Programming is the Future, we introduced brain or cognitive exercises that can be delivered within classrooms.  Participation in these exercises cause structural and functional changes in the brain. Studies also show gains in students’ critical thinking, fluid reasoning, working memory, attention, and executive function, and improved social and emotional well-being. Truly, an approach that can revolutionize education.

But how can these exercises be efficiently integrated and scaled? How do teachers and students know that learning ability is actually improving? By tracking it.

A data-driven technology that uses students’ own effort and engagement to persistently measure and respond. Software that meticulously tracks qualitative and quantitative data in real-time. Technology that has principles of neuroplasticity literally built into its logic. 

This blog will examine the essential tracking technology not seen in educational programming today, that is being used by schools worldwide to promote measurable brain change in their students.

A Quick Review: Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Enhancement

Neuroplasticity, often referred to as the brain's adaptability, is our brain’s remarkable capacity to change in response to training. 

Engaging in targeted brain exercises enables students to stimulate neuroplasticity, create and strengthen neural pathways, and change their learning experience. Read more about the learning outcomes due to neuroplastic programs on our research page.  

Real-Time Tracking Technology

Real Time Tracking Technology

All good educational programming involves tracking student progress. Tracking offers valuable insights and helps educators and students plan for next steps. Within a brain-based program, however - tracking data can take on a whole new level.

Arrowsmith’s methodology lives within a software platform called Brainex. Within this technology lies some of the most acutely sensitive data-tracking mechanisms existing in education today.

Each second of a student’s participation is identified; each keystroke is recognized as a data point, creating trends that can be analyzed within minutes, even seconds.

Trends are instantly visible – and understood – by the student. Teachers too - they are not manually marking assignments or waiting for a centralized system to return scores. Rather, every data point is instantly available for review and analysis. Each teachers’ customized app within a classroom tablet allows them to ‘see’ students’ progress as quickly as their students achieve it. They see immediately when and how to respond. The design means students and teachers have the unique perspective of tracking cognitive change – moment by moment.

Evidence-based Measurement

The Brainex technology measures performance and sets goals for students. Benchmark goals have been established from decades of student data and a scientific understanding of neuroplastic principles. They are built into every cognitive exercise and are tracked through Brainex. Students use the goals to understand what they are striving towards, and when they have achieved mastery. 

Why does it matter?

Every goal is promoting the brain’s neuroplastic potential. Reward is built into the exercises, triggering the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine. Such mechanisms play an important role in reinforcing neural pathways. 

When students meet their own goals of accuracy, speed and consistency, they know they are making progress. They use this insight to take control, to become agents of their own change. A growth mindset is developed.

 It’s an evidence-based approach, relying on the science of neuroplasticity to promote brain improvements utilizing exercises that have met key conditions to drive neuroplastic change. 

 A truly evidenced-based program. 

Personalized Learning Paths 

Every student is unique, and their cognitive strengths and weaknesses vary - this is known as the student’s unique cognitive profile. Arrowsmith’s Brainex technology measures the unique cognitive profile of each student. As students progress at their own pace, the technology adapts to their individual performance data.

Each student has their own personalized path, beginning their exercise at a stage incrementally above their current capacity. Not only is this effortful processing a critical component of neuroplastic change, but there are also psychological benefits: students feel empowered by goals that are challenging yet achievable. Those achievements are theirs, a result of their effort and growing cognitive capacity.

The technology plays a critical role in dynamically adapting to each student’s emerging cognitive strengths.

Real-time and Dynamic Feedback

Brainex technology gives immediate and relevant feedback to every moment of student participation. The feedback is meaningful, specific, and actionable. It tells a student when to slow down, change course, and when to try again. It tells them when they are ready to ‘master’.  

Importantly, the feedback creates a continuous loop that keeps each student’s brain actively involved and engaged in the neuroplastic journey. This sustained attention leads to neuroplastic change over time. Teachers provide additional feedback that further promotes progress. A dynamic process occurs between student, teacher and the technology – together building a mechanism that drives neuroplastic change and transferrable gains to learning, performance, and social-emotional well-being.

 Analyzing, Learning, Growing

The integration of Arrowsmith’s tracking system along with the critical role of the teachers (which we’ll explore in the next blog of this series) is what makes Arrowsmith so results-oriented. Together, the Brainex technology and trained staff identify patterns, correlations and outliers in data – and take action. This iterative process of evaluation and adjustment is what makes the methodology evidence-based and powerful.

This interactivity also reflects a growth mindset: change is possible. Learning organizations using Arrowsmith’s ecosystem manifest this core understanding too, and their schools and students are transforming because of it.

 “[The Arrowsmith Team] has developed a remarkable cloud-based technology tracking system and tablet that allows our teachers to monitor student performance in real-time in the classroom. Teacher-student interaction is high, feedback is constant, and progress is measured by the second.” 

 Eaton Arrowsmith School, 

Arrowsmith Provider 


Next Steps in Education

“Arrowsmith’s Brainex is built on a fundamental principle that every student can and should create their own path: a path that is data-driven"

 In any educational program, insights into student participation are important. Arrowsmith’s Brainex is built on a fundamental principle that every student can and should create their own path: a path that is data-driven.  

Teachers who use the Arrowsmith technology see this every day: students reaching and exceeding their cognitive goals and developing a stronger capacity to learn with greater ease and joy. Ready to thrive in a demanding and ever-changing world.

In our next blog, we’ll delve deeper into why facilitators play such a crucial role in the delivery of cognitive methodologies. Because behind every powerful neuroplastic program, is a professional committed to delivering its transformative impact to their students.

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Tara Bonner
Post by Tara Bonner
March 28, 2024
Tara Bonner collaborates with professionals and educators worldwide, envisioning the convergence of learning and neuroscience. Tara has witnessed that cognitive programming can be a transformative force not just for struggling learners, but for all seeking to experience learning with ease and joy. She's honored to be part of these discussions and an organization that's revolutionizing education by putting the "Brain in Education."