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For professionals, clinicians, educators, administrators and leaders who offer Arrowsmith, a stronger brain means enhanced learning and performance and improved social-emotional well-being. 

Arrowsmith designs cognitive programs to suit the organization’s goals and needs, and supports all stakeholders through innovative methodology, technology, and support platforms.

Improved Cognitive Abilities for Your Students and Clients

Your students and clients can access Arrowsmith within your own setting to:

  • develop the intellectual capacity to thrive in an unpredictable future

  • create life-long learning qualities such as resilience, flexibility and judgment

  • reduce cognitive problems leading to fewer behavioural issues

  • build cognitive reserve to support cognitive performance as we age

  • overcome learning difficulties and learning disabilities

  • enhance core capacities underlying learning and performance

  • accelerate progress in academic endeavours

  • support therapeutic approaches through an enhanced cognitive profile allowing for insight and self-reflection

Students studying

Arrowsmith’s unique ecosystem includes transformative brain training, cutting edge technology and live support along with flexible facilitator certification and continuous professional development. 

Educators and professionals can rely on detailed and actionable reports to support participants’ progress and participation. A dedicated team of trainers, coordinators and consultants are on hand to keep organizations at the forefront of this field of neuroplastic applications.


Neuroplasticity is a game changer… Arrowsmith is the most comprehensive and rigorously formatted and executed neuroplasticity program there is.

Marilyn McKinnon
Learning Disabilities Association Administrator, Canada

With this program I now see daily the vibrant growth in every student...every child is capable of handling curriculum as long as the brain is given the correct retraining.

Claude LeFrancois
Educator, USA
As the patient makes progress (in Arrowsmith) they begin to function better in their own life. They improve the ability to organize themselves and communicate information with those around them.
Dr. Sheila Furey
Psychiatrist, USA

Be the Driver of Transformational Change

Be the agent of brain change for your students and clients’ academic, social and personal success and well-being.

Become an Arrowsmith provider and create transformative change for your students and clients and join a movement of brain change experts committed to meaningful change on an individual, community and societal scale.

Contact us to discuss your organization’s own culture and community, and how cognitive programming can deepen your impact.

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