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The human brain is responsible for controlling every aspect of our lives, from our thoughts and emotions to our behaviours. It is a complex and powerful organ, constantly adapting and changing in response to our environment and experiences. Understanding the workings of the brain is essential for improving our overall well-being and unlocking our full potential as human beings.

Like an orchestra made up of multiple instruments playing together to create music, our brains are made up of cognitive functions, each responsible for a specific role or job within tasks. From simple tasks like reading and writing, to complex ones like planning a budget or navigating a crisis - networks of these functions are at play, constantly active towards task completion. Because they operate along a continuum of capacity from debilitating to excelling, the stronger the functions, the more efficient our performance in these tasks.  

So, given the proficiency of these functions determines our capacity to learn and perform - wouldn’t it be great if they could be upgraded? Imagine! A gym for our brain. 

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In this blog, we will explore what can be achieved through cognitive programming and how this approach can increase the learning and performance of children and adults, across a range of domains. 

What is Cognitive Enhancement?

Science has shown our brain to be neuroplastic across our entire lifetime. Harnessing the brain’s neuroplasticity, means giving our brains the opportunity to improve through targeted cognitive exercise. 

That’s right! Like taking care of our bodies, we can take care of our brains. In fact, we can do better than any gym membership. Firstly - our brains are not muscles - so once strong, our efforts towards brain enhancement will not atrophy, but rather, our brain will have its own maintenance plan with everyday intellectual activity. Next - unlike our bodies that cannot in fact be “spot-trained”, our brain’s highly specialized functions can be targeted. 

Simply, put - through targeted practice, Arrowsmith cognitive exercises improve specific cognitive functions, creating transformative experiences for those who participate. Tasks, big or small, become easier to accomplish; a joy of lifelong learning can be found and deepened. 

Let’s consider the types of processes that can be enhanced: 

  • underlying functions for literacy and numeracy

  • processing speed

  • memory

  • capacities to communicate, problem solve, reason, self-organize

  • emotional strength, resilience and intelligence   

Whether we want to improve how we are performing at work, increase our child’s performance at school or strengthen our brains as we get older, cognitive enhancement has the capability to transform our lives.

In What Life Stages Can Cognitive Enhancement be Used?

School life

What's happening in the brain of one student will be different than that of another. It could be just slightly different, or it might be radically so. Cognitive enhancement gives schools the opportunity to actively help strengthen the brains of their students for improved learning outcomes and well-being.  

Cognitive enhancement can help children with:

  • speech and communication

  • emotional regulation

  • attention

  • fine motor skills for writing

  • judgement, reasoning, and critical thinking

  • goal setting and execution

  • mental initiative

  • insight and self-reflection

By providing students  with an opportunity to enhance a range of cognitive functions, they can  develop the capacities necessary to understand and analyze complex abstract relationships, think critically, be flexible in thought, retain information and accept and consider other points of view. These are essential abilities required for all aspects of learning. Through cognitive enhancement  students are prepared for life.  

Work life

Employment. Home and community responsibilities. Financial independence. Marriage. Parenthood. The adult brain is a constant balancing act. Cognitive enhancement can help strengthen performance in both social and career setting by improving:

  • problem solving and reasoning

  • decision making

  • emotional intelligence

  • cognitive efficiency and processing speed


An aging brain doesn’t have to mean a declining capacity. Keeping brains active throughout the senior years means core functions can stay strong, and cognitive reserve can be built up: 

  • memory

  • processing speed

  • cognitive flexibility

At any age or stage in life, a stronger brain means an increased capacity to learn and perform, greater independence, and ultimately, a better quality of life. 

At Arrowsmith, we strive to make cognitive enhancement available to any individual or organization that sees the power and potential of a strong and capable brain. We believe neuroplastic programming belongs in school, the workplace, in social justice and community agencies - and could be truly revolutionary. 

Join us to learn more about the Arrowsmith approach, and how you and your family could benefit. If you are part of an organization that offers programs and services and you agree that cognitive training could complement the experiences of your students and clients, get in touch with our team of experts and explore the possibilities.

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Debbie Gilmore
Post by Debbie Gilmore
July 10, 2023
Debbie Gilmore is a passionate change-maker and Executive Director of Arrowsmith, dedicated to transforming education and learning worldwide. With over 40 years of experience spanning classrooms to administrative roles, she's driving educational reform. Debbie collaborates globally with educators and professionals in a wide field to help them bring about cognitive enhancement to unlock every human’s potential.