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The human brain is a wonderful thing. It controls every aspect of our lives, from our thoughts and emotions, to our behaviours and social interactions. Our brain dictates how we form relationships, our ability to solve problems, how we address math challenges and so much more. 

In fact, our brain’s ability to perform in specific scenarios comes down to the strengths and weaknesses of our cognitive functions. Much like an orchestra made up of multiple instruments playing together to create music, our brains are made up of cognitive functions that are each responsible for a specific job or role within tasks. 

From simple tasks to reading and writing to complex ones like problem solving or building a business plan, networks of cognitive functions are at play - constantly active as we work to complete the task at hand.

These cognitive functions operate along a continuum of capacity - from debilitating to excelling. The stronger our cognitive capacity is, the better we will be at performing tasks. However, when we have areas of weaknesses within our cognitive functions, it can significantly impact our ability to complete a task. 


Many people who experience this challenge go through the traditional diagnosis process, earning a label such as:

Whether in school or the workplace, these individuals are then given accommodations to help them work around their learning disability. Yet what they don’t receive is a way of overcoming their difficulty. They aren’t able to strengthen their brain and improve their overall well-being. 

That’s where Arrowsmith comes in. 

Arrowsmith Harnesses Neuroplasticity to Strengthen the Brain and Enhance Learning and Performance

Arrowsmith understands that an individual’s cognitive functions can be strengthened, allowing them to overcome the challenges and obstacles that may be holding them back in their education, work or even social lives.

This occurs by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity - our brain’s capacity to change over our lifespan. Arrowsmith creates cognitive programs that are specifically designed to strengthen the brain and increase cognitive capacity.  

The result? Individuals addressing challenges in their day-to-day lives and improving their learning and performance, as well as their emotional, and social well-being. These individuals, and those who surround them - now look at their futures very differently. 

Let’s take a look at some first-hand stories on how Arrowsmith has impacted individuals’ learning and lives.  

Discover Real Life Stories of Arrowsmith Impacting the Lives and Futures of Individuals and Their Families 

Throughout the world, Arrowsmith Providers are creating new realities and transforming the futures of their students and clients. Here are three stories of cognitive transformation.

Connor – A Mother’s Story

“Connor is a young adult who has multiple learning challenges, suffers from anxiety, depression and other health issues. He is my son and attends where I teach the Arrowsmith Program. I first started noticing changes with him at home six weeks into the Arrowsmith Program. One day we had an argument and during the argument, I began crying. He looked at me and asked why I was crying. I explained to him that it was the first time he had ever been able to argue with logic, his communication was clear and his thoughts made sense. Needless to say, our argument turned into a celebration. He is showing signs of initiative that have never been present. He works at a worldwide package handling company and has recently tried to apply for better positions with more responsibilities in that company. His confidence is increasing and he is starting to have hope for his future. Recently during a holiday break, he got up early in the morning to walk our family dog. It started snowing during his walk and he sent me a text stating he wanted me to drive his car to work instead of my car because of the snowy conditions. He was concerned for my safety and knew he had the better car for the conditions. These small events may seem insignificant to most but they are things he has never done before. The initiative, logic and being able to draw conclusions are all new. Small outward developments reflect big changes in the brain! I am so thankful for the Arrowsmith Program and the changes I am seeing in my son, as well as my other Arrowsmith students in the classroom.”

(Source: Liberty Classical Academy, Colorado, USA)

Rita – A Mother’s Story

“When my son, Kareem, was four-years-old, he struggled to cope with the mainstream academic program. His first symptoms were difficulty following through on instructions and motor coordination (not able to follow gym class or stay in the queue with other children on outings). Kareem would always be out of place, or off task. The school he was attending in London at that time told us they were unable to accommodate him because the number of students in a class (24) would not allow the teacher to have the extra time required to meet his learning needs. They advised us to look for a school for ‘special kids’. Here started our long road in search of a solution.”

Watch an animated film inspired by Rita’s journey of discovery that led her to the Arrowsmith Program and ultimately the creation of Cognitive Enhancement Centre, an Arrowsmith Provider based in Geneva.

View Video

(Source: Cognitive Enhancement Centre – Geneva)

Matt – A Teacher’s Story

Matt was considering dropping out of high school because of his learning challenges. His parents convinced him to give Arrowsmith a chance for his final year of high school. He agreed.

“As a teacher, I have known Matt since he was in my first-grade class, middle school science class and I have been his tutor throughout high school. When he mastered the first level of one of the cognitive exercises, he cried tears of joy. Reading clocks was previously impossible. It was a huge confidence booster. According to Matt, being in the program brings him peace and he enjoys the cognitive exercises for that very reason. We have a therapy dog in the Arrowsmith Program and she is even noticing changes in Matt. When the year began she was reluctant to spend much time around Matt. Today she lays next to him and seeks his affection willingly. Matt has recently been accepted into a law enforcement program geared towards high schoolers who are interested in a future career in law enforcement. He has to take lots of notes and follow lectures in this program. This is something he wasn’t able to do before the Arrowsmith Program. His parents are reporting a happy son who is looking forward to his future. They say he is doing chores and helping with the family business which is something he never had an interest in before. He has more initiative, focus, and peace of mind. His communication skills have also improved. I am so thankful for the Arrowsmith Program and saving this at-risk teen.”

(Source: Liberty Classical Academy, Colorado, USA)

Are you interested in learning more about the Arrowsmith approach and how you or your child can improve cognitive function? Book a call with our admissions team today. We’d love to show you the possibilities of a stronger brain. 


Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Post by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
November 24, 2023
Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the international best-selling author of The Woman Who Changed her Brain, and a pioneer in using neuroplasticity to change the brain, cognition, learning and social-emotional well-being of learners worldwide. Though she began life with severe learning disabilities, she built herself a better brain and developed the Arrowsmith Program, which has helped thousands to increase their capacity to learn.