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Webinar Series: Shaping Our Brains - How Neuroplasticity Can Enrich Our Lives

Part 3: Adding the Brain to the Education Equation

Over the last several decades, neuroscience has provided massive breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain - including the extraordinary fact at we can directly influence our brains (“neuroplasticity”).

In parallel with these scientific advancements – which is also helping us better understand how the brain learns - is the recognition that an educational evolution is due. Educators have identified “21st-century skills” which push beyond the 3 Rs, and recognize that students need to be equipped to be active participants in tomorrow’s world. In fact, in an unpredictable, demanding, and fast-paced world, schools face a challenging question: How can we prepare our students for life?


A cognitive lens on this topic allows us to see the relationship between these 21st-century skills, and specific cognitive functions. This perspective offers an important and encouraging opportunity to embed cognitive programming into the daily life of all students. This presentation will examine the theoretical and practical applications of a neuro-educational model – where students participate in cognitive programming and apply their emerging cognitive strengths to their academic experiences. We look forward to having you join us.

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Debbie Gilmore
Post by Debbie Gilmore
February 15, 2022
Debbie Gilmore is a passionate change-maker and Executive Director of Arrowsmith, dedicated to transforming education and learning worldwide. With over 40 years of experience spanning classrooms to administrative roles, she's driving educational reform. Debbie collaborates globally with educators and professionals in a wide field to help them bring about cognitive enhancement to unlock every human’s potential.

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