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Teen Challenge Tasmania

Teen Challenge Tasmania is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 2014 to provide early intervention for at-risk youth to avoid or turn away from the path of substance use and addiction. We provide Mentoring within local Primary and High Schools, deliver Alcohol and other Drug Education within schools and communities nationally in Australia and even internationally, to date speaking to over 93,000 young people on the impacts of substance use to the developing brain and their future potential. Art Therapy groups for young people struggling with mental health challenges. We believe to build resilience young people need connection, encouragement and empowerment, therefore we provide mentoring, workplace training and employment within our social enterprises a Hope Costume & Thrift Store and Hope Cafe Tasmania. The impact of substance abuse in communities is both significant and complex, causing an increase in homelessness, criminal activity, mental health issues and family breakdown. Addiction is closely intertwined with cognition, with multiple factors such as drug effects, withdrawal effects and probability of relapse - linked with cognitive capacity

Age Group(s): School-Age, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors
Delivery Method(s) Available: Online, In-Person, Independent
Programs Offered: Full-time, Part-time, Cognitive Enhancement, Cognitive Assessment

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