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Arrowsmith School

A co-educational, independent, special education, school for learners 6 to 90+, offering online and in-person cognitive programming for individuals with learning disabilities. Discover how our evidence-based cognitive exercises, combined with our positive environment, dedicated teachers and sophisticated progress monitoring system set Arrowsmith School apart from other special education programs and schools. For more than 40 years, Arrowsmith School has provided an innovative educational program based on the principles of neuroplasticity to change brains and transform lives. Our students’ futures are changed by engaging in a personalized cognitive program that strengthens the areas of their brain that are limiting their success. After achieving program goals, students are prepared to engage more fully in other educational and life opportunities. Whether looking to enhance cognitive function or overcome learning challenges, your brain can benefit from Arrowsmith.

Age Group(s): School-Age, Young Adults, Adults, Seniors
Delivery Method(s) Available: Online, In-Person, Independent
Programs Offered: Full-time, Part-time, Cognitive Intensive Program, Cognitive Enhancement, Cognitive Assessment

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