The Users Guide to Your Brain

The Users Guide to Your Brain

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The Users Guide to Your Brain

We have instruction manuals for our cars, computers, and kitchen appliances. We have dedicated systems and entire industries designed to take care of our bodies, teeth and hair. What about our most important asset – our brains? How does it operate? Why do we do, say and think the way we do?

So far we’ve examined the role of the brain from different perspectives and different scenarios. This webinar takes us back to  a core principle – how does it operate? What does its instructional manual look like?

Unique from traditional educational assessments, a cognitive assessment goes beneath skills and performance and examines the functioning of the core networks that shape our lives. This assessment can be a user’s guide to understanding ourselves and others.

Below, hear how these parents experienced such a view, and join us on May 17th to learn more about the role how cognitive assessments can become an essential tool to understanding -  and improving -  our lives.

Tara bonner - webinar 1

Our Speaker

Tara Bonner

Site implementation advisor

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Explore your or your child's unique cognitive profile.

Identifying your or your child’s learning profile of strengths and weaknesses is the first step in finding a solution, to put you or your child on a path of learning grounded in competence and filled with confidence.


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