Adding the Brain to the Education Equation

Adding the Brain to the Education Equation

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Adding the Brain to the Education Equation

The first 10 years of school life are pivotal. What and how a child learns during this period determines the life they will create for themselves, and how they will contribute to the world. It is encouraging that many educators, professionals, and policymakers are recognizing that school curricula must evolve to meet the needs of today’s students. In fact, we would argue that a revolution is due.

Part 3 of the Webinar Series considers how the skills identified essential for our modern world, such as critical thinking, flexibility, emotional intelligence, are directly connected to specific cognitive functions. We examined how a cognitive program can elevate underlying brain processes responsible for acquiring these 21st-century skills, fundamentally preparing students to be the leaders and shapers of tomorrow.


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Debbie Gilmore


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Explore your or your child's unique cognitive profile.

Identifying your or your child’s learning profile of strengths and weaknesses is the first step in finding a solution, to put you or your child on a path of learning grounded in competence and filled with confidence.


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Students who come to the Arrowsmith Program are of average to above average intelligence but are having difficulty learning academic and social skills efficiently and independently.