Shaping Our Brain:

How Neuroplasticity Can Enrich Our Lives

This series explores the profound role the brain plays in shaping our lives, and the important implications of neuroplasticity - the ability for us to shape our brains. Each part of the series will examine a different aspect of neuroplastic potential across our lifetime, in education, and for society as a whole. The viewer is invited to consider: what would an enhanced cognitive capacity mean for me, my children, for humanity?

Webinar 1

The Brain: Our Most Important Asset

Our brains are at the heart of our every move, thought, and interaction. Its intricate design shapes how we participate, are understood by others, and see ourselves. 

This presentation examines both our brain’s complexity and its uniqueness. We will define 'cognitive function’ and describe how specific intellectual processes work together to achieve the simplest to complex tasks. 

Our own cognitive profiles are as distinct as fingerprints. Gaining insight through a cognitive lens, therefore, allows us to better understand ourselves and others. 

Webinar 2

Our Brains at Work, Rest and Play

Our brains are involved in everything we do – at any age, and in any situation. Our brain’s capacity determines how we cope and thrive in school, work, home and in the world.  

This presentation analyzes these scenarios through a cognitive lens: what brain processes are involved, and what is the impact of strengthening those processes?

The possibilities of cognitive enhancement have considerable implications: we will discuss the benefits of cognitive programming for all - irrespective of ability. 

Webinar 3

Adding the Brain to the Education Equation

The world is changing at a fast pace, and many educators, professionals, and policymakers are recognizing that school curricula must evolve to prepare students to meet the demands of a challenging and unpredictable future.

This presentation examines ssential skills , such as critical thinking, flexibility, emotional intelligence – critical for learning and performance – and directly connected to specific cognitive functions. We present how cognitive programs elevate underlying brain processes responsible for acquiring these 21st-century skills, fundamentally preparing students to be the leaders and shapers of tomorrow. 

Webinar 4

How We Learn: The Brain’s Role in Academics

From the moment we are born, our brains continually change.  

When children go off to school, their brain circuits are adapted in profound ways as they learn. This presentation examines this exchange – how do our brain learn? What is happening as we read, write, or solve a math problem? What’s more: how could this perspective evolve to  help us better understand our students?

Consider the brain’s role in learning, the science behind fundamental academic skills, and the potential to change the trajectory of traditional learning processes through a neuroplastic approach. 

Webinar 5

The Users Guide to Your Brain Cognitive Assessments

This webinar examines a core principle in Arrowsmith’s approach – how does the brain operate? What does its instructional manual look like?  

Unique from traditional educational assessments, a cognitive assessment goes beneath skills and performance and examines the functioning of the core networks that shape our lives. This assessment can be a user’s guide to understanding ourselves and others. 

This presentation provides an overview of how cognitive assessments are  an essential tool for understanding and improving our lives. 

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