Discover Your Unique Cognitive Profile

An innate curiosity towards how we learn, and why we might struggle to learn, underpins Arrowsmith’s Cognitive Assessment protocol. 

It provides an informative and illuminating insight into one’s past, present and most importantly – what is possible.

The Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment Difference

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Unlike traditional assessments that seek to diagnose a learning disability such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, poor executive function, attention problems such as ADHD, or auditory processing disorder, the Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment goes beyond such diagnoses by measuring the capacities of discrete cognitive functions responsible for virtually all learning and performance. 

For many, an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment report is the first opportunity to truly understand the underlying causes of one’s experiences – including successes, struggles, inconsistencies and self-concept.  

Based on foundational neuroscientific research, Arrowsmith recognizes learning and performance as the result of the complex interactions of brain networks. These networks are comprised of distributed regions of the brain, and each perform their own unique job, which Arrowsmith calls cognitive functions

The Arrowsmith approach, and the use of brain exercises, has major implications for education. Clearly many would benefit from a brain-area-based assessment to identify their weakened functions and a program to strengthen them – a far more productive approach than tutoring that simply repeats a lesson and leads to endless frustration. When “weak links in the chain” are strengthened, people gain access to skills whose development was formerly blocked, and they feel enormously liberated.

Dr. Norman Doidge
MD, Researcher, Author of The Brain That Changes Itself

Understanding Your Unique Brain

By measuring and identifying the cognitive functions that shape our experiences, an Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessment not only brings a heightened understanding of how each of us operates but can also customize a program of neuroplastic exercises, fundamentally helping you to strengthen the functions that determine learning and performance. 

Arrowsmith Cognitive Assessments are also a powerful tool for individuals at the end of a year in a full-time cognitive program: measuring progress and redefining one’s profile – and future. 

Arrowsmith’s Cognitive Assessment allows for understanding, compassion, and importantly, a plan of action. 

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