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Arrowsmith School Open House

Change Your Brain. Be at Your Best.

Experience Arrowsmith

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Come to the Arrowsmith School Open House and find out how building a stronger brain now pays dividends throughout life.

2000s Arrowsmith School Toronto, 245 St. Clair School Building

In-Person Location:
245 St. Clair Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 1R3 (directions)


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Arrowsmith School is different from a traditional school, we see your child's potential beyond the classroom.

We want to help your child succeed and thrive not only in academics but in life.

In our Open House, you will: 

  • meet the Arrowsmith School Staff
  • hear inspiring testimonials from our Arrowsmith Community
  • experience Arrowsmith's brain-changing cognitive exercises
  • learn how students transform their futures by expanding their capacity for learning



Evidence-Based Results

Research shows that participants engaging in the Arrowsmith Program experience:

Improved cognitive and academic performance


Increased independent and self-directed learning


Increased emotional and social well-being


Independence in activities and daily living


Increased rate of learning


A shift to a
growth mindset


Increased sense of
locus of control


Increase in attention, listening well, staying focused

Hear from past Arrowsmith Community

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Laura, Parent & Educator

Arrowsmith Alumni Michael - Arrowsmith increases capacity to focus, organize and build confidence 0-14 screenshot

Michael, Alumni

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Marlo, Paul & Kera, Family