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Three forward-thinking organizations have come together to enhance the learning ability of individuals of all ages across Europe. Arrowsmith, the SEK Education Group and the Cognitive Enhancement Centre are dedicated and committed to providing cutting edge neuroplastic programs so that the 21st century learning skills are accessible for all.  

Arrowsmith’s approach, grounded in science and backed by research, has been proven to enhance cognition, and improve learning, academic performance, and social-emotional well-being.  

Given its profound impact on students' learning and performance, these three partners are committed to expanding Arrowsmith's reach across Europe.  


Three strong partners bring Arrowsmith to Europe

This collaboration is designed to foster a new landscape of education – where cognitive programs prepare students’ brains to participate actively in 21st century learning opportunities, and so they can go on to thrive with efficiency, ease and joy. Together we are committed to ‘putting the brain in the education equation’ through cognitive programming. 

With the support of its key European partners and a shared commitment to a world in which anyone can take full advantage of their cognitive capabilities, Arrowsmith is now building out its offering across Europe. Part of this expansion will entail close work with educators throughout Europe to implement cognitive programs in their organizations to improve academic performance and social-emotional well-being.  

The partners look forward to working together to enable better lives through neuroplastic change – for more people, in more regions of the world. 

The shared vision of this joint venture is for schools across Europe to recognize the power and potential of neuroplastic change, enabling students to enhance learning and performance across their school years, and beyond.  

Educational Change Through Targeted Cognitive Programs

The Whole Cohort Program

Cognitive enhancement for a whole grade or the whole school

The Whole Cohort Program model provides each student in a grade with a cognitive program that meets their intellectual and developmental needs. Classroom teachers are trained in the specific cognitive program of their class and support their students in daily cognitive exercise. Each program requires approximately 30-40 minutes per day across the course of the school year.   

The demands of 21st century learning skills require strong cognitive functioning. The Whole Cohort Program has the potential for students to strengthen a different cognitive function in each grade, thereby concluding their school years with a stronger, more efficient and effective cognitive capacity. Students become more capable and confident and are prepared to become independent and successful learners, empowering them to move forward on their learning journey.   A school may choose to offer the Whole Cohort in each grade of the school. 


Arrowsmith Participating providers offering the Whole Cohort Program in Europe:

Whole Cohort Model at SEK International School - St. Isabel

Jennifer Pro, Head of School, SEK International School - St. Isabel, Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Arrowsmith Program,  Laura Herrero, Researcher at Universidad Camilo Jose Cela,  Remi Loma, Psychologist and Arrowsmith Lead talk about the Whole Cohort Model.

Whole Cohort Model: Cognitive Enhancement in the Classroom

Presented by: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Director, Arrowsmith Program

Applied Neuroscience Conference, Universidad Camilo Jose Cela, Madrid, Spain

The Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program

The Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program provides participants with a structured cognitive exercise program specifically aimed to enhance the Symbol Relations cognitive function.

This function is a critical part of higher order reasoning and processing and is responsible for processing concepts across all academic disciplines. It involves understanding and quickly grasping what is read and heard, insight, logical reasoning, seeing connections between ideas, cause and effect processing and mathematical reasoning.

Arrowsmith Participating providers offering the Symbol Relations Cognitive Enhancement Program in Europe:


SEK-UCJC International Advisory Board member inspiring you about #FutureHigherEd

Presented by: Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, Director, Arrowsmith Program
Global Education Forum
neuro schools blog

How to Improve Neuroplasticity in Schools: Is Reform Required?

Hear from Arrowsmith in Europe Partners

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At SEK Education Group we want to help students reach their full potential, putting them at the center of the learning process.

We’re very proud of our partnership with the Arrowsmith Program and CEC, since it expands the learning opportunities we deliver.

Nieves Segovia

President, SEK Education Group

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Ever since I saw the dramatic changes the Arrowsmith Program had on my son and on myself I have made it my mission to spread awareness of such an advanced learning program throughout Europe, giving students the capacity to be self-directed and accomplished life-long learners.

Rita Margarita

Director and Founder, Cognitive Enhancement Centre, Geneva, Switzerland

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Our brain is our most important asset and through cognitive transformation we unlock the potential of all students to be successful in school and throughout life. I am thrilled to be working with SEK Education Group and the Cognitive Enhancement Centre to bring the work of cognitive transformation to educational organizations in Europe.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

Director and Founder, the Arrowsmith Program

Evidence-Based Results

Research shows that participants engaging in the Arrowsmith Program experience:

Improved cognitive and academic performance


Increased independent and self-directed learning


Increased emotional and social well-being


Independence in activities and daily living


Increated rate of learning


A shift to a
growth mindset


Increased sense of
locus of control


Increase in attention, listening well, staying focused

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